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The rector apparently instructed staff to misuse memorial donations given in memory of my family members, to ostracize me and family members, to prevent our names from appearing in the church bulletin (even when I was in the hospital), to remove our names from church records, to interfere with our church email, and to interfere with our ability to participate in the life of the parish.

After a number of unsuccessful requests for our money back, we asked the Fairfax County Office of Consumer Protection for help. We got our money back, with a non-apology from Amy Medrick, the parish administrator, saying that the money had been "misclassified." But it never was "misclassified;" it was solicited for one purpose, and used for another purpose.

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Clay, West Virginia, United States #1223747

For what it's worth, you are legitimately upset. Misuse of church funds is a serious issue and you are right to expect that your donations will be treated with respect.

Ignore those who make it out to be your fault, or try to defend Bob's behavior. It is their loss to follow Bob down this path.

I know Bob Malm well and can tell you it is far from the first time this has happened.

Small comfort, I know. Just keep in mind for every Bob Malm out there, there are many more priests who genuinely love God and their fellow man.

God's peace to you.

to Anonymous #1480035

Yea, we ALL know how catholic priests love little kids.. sickos!

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